PM Modi Reveals How Bear Grylls Understood His Hindi on the Man vs Wild Episode

Prime Minister Modi has finally cleared the air on how he interacted with Bear Grylls in Hindi and how Bear Grylls understood, during the Man vs Wild episode.

PM Modi, on Man vs Wild show along with Bear Grylls
PM Modi, on Man vs Wild show along with Bear Grylls; Image Credits: Hindustan Times

Prime Minister, Narendra Modi today, on Sunday, addressed a question that several viewers of the Man vs Wild episode featuring Modi and the British Adventurer Bear Grylls, had been left thinking about — how he and Bear Grylls managed to effortlessly talk despite Modi speaking in Hindi.

Modi on Mann Ki Baat radio address said, "Some people ask me one thing albeit with some hesitation, Modi Ji, you were speaking in Hindi and Bear Grylls does not know Hindi, so how did you carry on such a fast conversation between the two of you?"

He answered, "There is no mystery to this. The technology was used in my interaction with Bear Grylls. Whenever I would say anything, within moments it would be translated into English. A simultaneous translation would be transmitted to a small device in his ear which made our interaction easy."

He also added that this one episode of Man vs Wild helped him to reach out to a massive amount of youngsters across the globe who follow the programme.

The Man vs Wild episode which featured PM Modi was aired on August 12 and has been watched by a record number of audiences. The episode was shot at Uttarakhand in the Jim Corbett National Park, where PM Modi went on a short adventure trip with Bear Grylls.

The immense hype surrounding the Discovery show turned into massive numbers as the special episode which was aired on August 12 recorded highest-ever TRP ratings in the infotainment genre and set Discovery channel (3.05 million impressions) to No. 3 position for the week, following Star Plus (3.67 million impressions) and Zee TV (3.3 million impressions).

PM Modi showed his nature-loving part of his personality as he walked along with Grylls, travelled in a raft and even helped the latter to make a weapon.

PM Modi then became the second world leader after former US President Barack Obama to feature on the hit show where the host takes watchers on a journey into the wild nature reserves.

Here are a few reactions on twitter, after knowing about how they both interacted on Man vs Wild episode:

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