Temple in Delhi’s Chawri Bazar attacked over a parking fight, high protection deployed in the area

A Temple in Delhi’s Chawri Bazar attacked by Muslim community over a parking fight between two individuals which led to a full-fledged conflict between two communities. Police have announced high protection in the area.

Temple in Delhi attacked over a parking fight, high protection deployed in the area;
Image credits: The Indian Express

Central Delhi has been on a boil since Sunday night after a fight over parking a bike outside the temple which led to a full-fledged conflict between two communities. The groups of Hindu and Muslim residents accused each other of stone pelting and violence on Sunday night. Several people were injured in the stone peltings and scuffle.

According to police, around 10.55 pm Sunday, July 1st, a man identified as Aas Mohammed was parking his two-wheeler outside Sanjeev Gupta’s home. “Gupta, who was sitting inside his house, asked him not to park the scooter there, saying he parked his cart there. It resulted in an argument and Gupta came out of his house. According to eyewitnesses, Aas Mohammed was beaten up by some locals, but he ran away and returned with his associates,” a senior officer said.

This led to a group of people of Muslim community barging into the temple. This was followed by a locals protest who demanded to take actions against those who attacked the temple

The two men, Aas Mohammad and Sanjeev Kumar Gupta, who were involved in the parking row sustained injuries and also a photojournalist from a Hindi daily who was clicking pictures at the spot was also injured, police said. 

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After the fight between two men led to a communal conflict, a mob of 300-400 men barged into Durga Mata Mandir in Lal Kuan in Chandni Chowk area and had dishonoured the idols present inside the temple. According to locals who had posted videos of the temple on social media, at around 12 am, the Muslim mob entered the temple and began to thrash the Hindus residing in the neighbourhood after they tried to stop Muslims from destroying the idols in the temple. 

According to the journalist of Times of India, Raj Shekhar Jha, the tensions in the area had developed after the Muslims in the locality supported and gathered in huge numbers, who shouted slogans in favour of the fellow Muslims, who allegedly attacked and broke idols inside the temple.

A large number of Whatsapp forwards and groups were created to circulate news of a Muslim’s death in Jharkhand to gather people to the spot in large numbers meaning that there was a plan to create large scale violence in the area against Hindus. 
In one of the videos shared, one witness stated that few Muslim men gathered under their house. While people around the temple stopped them, they brought in more than 300-400 men to attack the temple. He moreover alleged that Imran Hussain (AAP MLA) came and supported the Muslim mob but no one came in their support. 
Meanwhile, the Delhi Police has tweeted that they have taken legal action and are making efforts to pacify both sides. A huge police protection was deployed and efforts were being made to bring the situation under the control and three FIRs have been filed by the cops.
Dr Harsh Vardhan, the Union minister and MP of Chandni Chowk visited the site this morning and condemned the incident while appealing for peace. “The kind of thing done to the temple is completely unforgivable. I have been told that Police is already in action, culprits will be arrested soon and punished. I appeal the people to maintain harmony,” he stated. 

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However, with this incident, it seems that the communal conflicts in India might be increased in the upcoming days which will lead to disturbances all over the country. Even though this attack was initially not related to the Jharkhand mob lynching, where a Muslim man was beaten to death, in the later part, it was being involved by the Muslim community as they were sharing the same news in Whatsapp groups and other social media websites to fuel the anger in the Muslim community. 

Let us all hope that this should be the end of the communal conflicts and it shouldn't increase so that the peace can be maintained in the nation, as these kinds of conflicts will not at all help us for the development of our country and instead will be a drawback for the development our country.

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