Why is "Shame on Rohit Shetty" trending online since yesterday? Here is the reason.

If your social media is flooded with "Shame on Rohit Shetty" memes and you are wondering why it is trending? Then there is the answer that you are looking for. Which is along with all the other hilarious memes that are trending on social media today.

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Salman Khan with Rohit Shetty. Image Credits: Twitter
Twitter users in India have found a new meme material to laugh at, as fans of Akshay Kumar started trending with “Shame on Rohit Shetty” on Thursday with various kinds of memes and even insults and curses. It happened so over a tweet posted by Salman Khan on 11th June, who had mentioned the director Rohit Shetty as a younger brother while thanking Rohit Shetty for postponing the date of release of his upcoming film Sooryavanshi.
Salman Khan mentioned in a tweet that he constantly considered Rohit Shetty as his younger brother and today he has proved it. Film Suryavanshi will now be released on 27 March 2020.
Sooryavanshi, which is supposed to be released on the occasion of Eid in the year 2020 had the dates clashed with Salman Khan’s upcoming film Inshallah. Salman Khan, not only believed in the film to draw huge crowds on Eid, but also believed that the film would draw huge crowds from a particular community as the movie title had a Muslim-sounding, is what the film trades pandit told.

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This has angered the fans of Akshay Kumar. They started trending on social media with 'Shame on Rohit Shetty' and created various memes on it. Also, many have used unprintable words while attacking Rohit Shetty on Twitter.

Alia Bhatt also plays a key role in Salman Khan’s Inshallah. The film is directed by Sanjay Leela Bhansali. Now Salman Khan announces that Rohit Shetty will be releasing Sooryavanshi on 27 March 2020.

Apart from Akshay Kumar, Ajay Devgan and Ranveer Singh also have important roles in the film Sooryavanshi. Shooting for the film has been started and is continuing.

Here is one of the tweets posted by Akshay Kumar from the sets of Sooryavanshi
 Ranveer Singh has also posted a tweet from the sets of Sooryavanshi
When the release date of Sooryavanshi was first announced, most of them were left shocked as the movie was going to be released on the same day as Salman Khan’s Inshallah

Movie lovers thought that this would be a piece of bad news for both the films in the box office prospects, especially that of Salman Khan. However, the tweet of Salman seemed to be that Rohit Shetty has agreed for Sallu bhai's request.

Fans of Akshay Kumar even controlled where their trend “Shame on Rohit Shetty” was being placed in the chart of top 10 Twitter trends in India throughout the day and were forcing it to go on top whenever it went down in the top trends.

Here are few of those tweets that were trending:

Some of those tweets were not at all related to the matter. However, they posted any random image and added “Shame on Rohit Shetty” to the tweet just to maintain the trend! 

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