How did Y.S. Jagan come out on top of Ex CM, Nara Chandra Babu Naidu in the Andhra Pradesh general elections 2019?

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The YSRCP president beat the TDP leader, Chandra Babu Naidu, an experienced politician, at his own game by coming up with better poll management
Even in his nightmares, Telugu Desam Party chief Mr N. Chandrababu Naidu who wears his 40 years political experience on his sleeve, would not have imagined that one day he would have to face a crushing defeat at the hands of a 46-year-old YSRCP president, Y. S. Jagan Mohan Reddy.
Having been a competitor of Mr Jagan’s father and former Chief Minister, Y. S. Rajasekhara Reddy, Mr Naidu looked upon the young leader showing superiority and never lost any opportunity to taunt him on “having so many criminal cases”. But the same people dumped and punished him in this years' elections.
However, Mr Naidu conveniently forgot that Mr Jagan came very close to capturing power in 2014 Assembly elections losing by just 1.6 per cent vote margin. But for his calculative move to forge an alliance with BJP and seek the support of Jana Sena Party Mr Naidu would have lost in 2014 itself. In fact, all through his political career Mr Naidu fought elections in the combined Andhra Pradesh in alliance alternatively with Left parties and BJP and once with TRS too and never alone.
This is the first time he has gone alone. Hoping that he has consolidated his position through a slew of welfare schemes, planning a “world class capital” of Amaravati, the Polavaram project and engineering defection of 23 YSRCP MLAs in 2014 and making four of them as Ministers. His objective always was to weaken the YSRCP. So both on governance and political front Mr Naidu believed he had strengthened his position. He also claimed his government had schemes, from the birth of a child to senior citizens and for all sections, farmers and unemployed youth. However, there was this just before the elections. His Government also claimed that the capital investment for women of self-help groups has reached 97 lakh beneficiaries.
Even then, all of these have not helped him to return to power leading to the question: Do schemes and development alone fetch votes? It is difficult to conclude but apparently, either people’s expectations have gone up phenomenally or they expect the new Chief Minister to do much more than the incumbent.
In a sudden move, Mr Naidu ditched BJP and walked out of the National Democratic Alliance after being united for four years over the issue of Special Category Status (SCS), after he saw Mr Jagan taking a lead over it. A highly sentimental issue after “unfair bifurcation” did the people punish him for not pursuing the SCS issue vigorously as was often alleged by Mr Jagan.
It could be a variety of reasons that could have triggered the collapse of Telugu Desam Party but one should not take credit away from Mr. Jagan for systematically bringing all these before the people and managing to convince them that Mr Naidu’s claims “were bogus”.
Mr Jagan beat the seasoned politician at his own game by coming up with better poll management. His 3648 km long padayatra (walkathon) across Andhra Pradesh adored him to the people in rural areas. “It helped me to know their sufferings and we came up with Navaratnalu, the nine promises document to meet all their expectations”, he would often recall. He also managed to resist the negative image created by Mr Naidu often citing the CBI cases he was facing.

Mr Jagan’s aggressive campaign though bordering on a personal attack on Mr Naidu but focussing on corruption and failure in fulfilling most of the election promises he made in 2014, seemed to have finally worked in his favour. Election strategist Mr Prashant Kishore sharpened Mr Jagan's style of campaign and strategy. People appeared to have responded well to his call to them to give him “one chance” having seen Mr Naidu’s “evil rule for so many years”. He has been drawing massive crowds during this campaign and his victory shows that it has got translated into votes. People have clearly seen in him a return to “Rajanna Palana”, as his father Rajasekhara Reddy’s rule is remembered and bid a “bye bye” to Mr Naidu.

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