Doctor's in West Bengal were attacked by 200 people over the death of a 75 years old patient

An Intern doctor at a hospital in Kolkata was left with severe injuries on his head during clashes between doctors and family members of a 75 years old deceased patient. The attack triggered a chain shutdown of healthcare services in medical colleges across West Bengal.

Intern Doctor, Paribaha Mukhopadhyay who suffered a skull fracture.  Image credits: Facebook 
The doctors and medical professionals in Kolkata have sparked a huge protest following an intern doctor at NRS Medical College and Hospital was beaten up and was left with a fractured skull over the death of a 75-year-old patient, Mohammad Sayeed, a resident of Tangra passed away at the hospital

NRS college and hospital which was virtually closed down on Tuesday after doctors stated that they were beaten by a group of about 200 people who came on trucks on Monday night after the patient has passed away.

Soon after the death, family members of the deceased reached the hospital around 11 pm and clashed with the junior doctors on duty. Family members of the deceased patient were upset over his death and claimed that Shahid died due to medical negligence. They also said that the body was not handed over to them on time.

Two intern doctors, who were suffering protests by the patient's family, were left injured in the violent clashes.

Paribaha Mukhopadhyay, one of the two doctors, suffered a skull fracture when a brick hurled by the protesters landed on his head. Medical reports suggest Mukhopadhyay suffered a deep injury on his head but is stable at the moment.

Fractured skull of Paribaha Mukhopadhyay, Image credits: The Telegraph
The hospital management said in a statement late on Tuesday night that "His brain showed no abnormality and repeat CT scan of the brain showed no further deterioration".

Mukhopadhyay underwent a small surgery for wound and elevation of frontal depressed fracture, it said, adding that his condition was "fine".
While the other intern doctor, Yash Tekwani has suffered a rib fracture and spine injury and was admitted to NRS hospital.

Yash Tekwani, the other intern doctor, Image Credits: The Telegraph
Yash Tekwani, after being admitted to NRS hospital, Image credits: The Telegraph
Sayeed’s family claimed he died due to doctors’ negligence. “My father-in-law was feeling uneasy. We asked doctors to attend to him but they kept saying he was not their patient. One-and-a-half hours were wasted. Finally, a doctor turned up with an injection. My father-in-law stopped breathing after being given the injection,” Sayeed’s son-in-law Mohammad Mansur Alam said to The Telegraph.

At NRS Medical College and other hospitals, patients are laying on the trolleys waiting for the emergency wards to restart working.

The minister of state for health, Chandrima Bhattacharya, and Calcutta police commissioner Anuj Sharma held several rounds of meetings with officials of the hospital and the health department. “We have requested the junior doctors to resume work. We cannot force them, we can only request them. The decision has to be theirs,” Bhattacharya said while leaving the hospital. “We have agreed to some of their demands like boosting security," they said to the Telegraph.

The students booed Bhattacharya, Trinamul doctor’s cell leader Nirmal Maji and police officers. They kept shouting: “Kolkata police shame shame.”

While the doctors are working for the safety of the people and now if they are being treated in this way, only because of the death of a 75-year-old man, there is no wrong for the doctors in protesting against this matter.

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