Did Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh, Y.S. Jagan broke his promise as soon as he stepped up as CM? Frustrations are being shown by few people in Andhra Pradesh

Y.S. Jagan, the leader of the party YSR Congress, who won massively in the 2019 AP elections, sworn in as the 2nd Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh after Telangana bifurcation and he immediately announced Rs.2250 as the pension per month for the senior citizens in the state.

The ceremony of swearing was done in front of Governor E.S.L. Narasimham and in front of a huge crowd of his party workers and admirers at the Indira Gandhi Municipality Stadium. He as the only one to take the oath that day.

On the next day, i.e., on 31st May 2019, few citizens in Andhra Pradesh started showing frustrations on YSR CP leader, claiming that he had made fake promises regarding the pension scheme saying, he previously promised, the pensions for the senior citizens would be Rs. 3000, while he has announced on the day of swearing that, it will Rs.2250.

Here is the video of the people showing anger towards Jagan's promise regarding pension.

Ignore the last clip in this video, as it is not at all related to Jagan

However, Jagan on Nov 7, 2017, during his movement of 'Praja Sankalpa Yatra' in Pulivendula district, has promised that he will hike the pension to twice of what Mr Chandra Babu's government was paying, which was to Rs.2000. He also mentioned that, if Chandra Babu also announces the hike to Rs.2000, then Jagan's government will be hiking it from Rs.2000 and so on, up to Rs.3000. 

Below is the video of Jagan's announcement regarding pensions in 'Praja Sankalpa Yatra' in 2017.

Also, below is the video of YSR CP's election campaign on March 17th 2018, in Nandiyal, Kurnool District,  where Jagan, once again promised to the people that the hike in pension for senior citizens will be done up to Rs.3000 in the upcoming years if people elect Jagan's government in the 2019 Assembly elections.

Switch directly to minute 11:17 to 11:49 to see Jagan's promise about pensions in an election campaign

It is clearly seen that, since the beginning, Mr.Y.S.Jagan has promised that the hike in pensions for senior citizens will be increased up to Rs.3000 in the upcoming years, however, the scheme will be starting with Rs.2000.

On the day of the swearing ceremony, here is what the C.M. Mr.Jagan actually announced. "Every senior citizen would get at least Rs 3,000 monthly pension. This would be my first signature after I arrive at the Chief Minister's office. The scheme would begin with Rs 2,250 and it will be increased up to Rs 3,000 within three years". He went on saying "there will be corruption-free governance across the state. A call centre would be set up at the Chief Minister's Office (CMO) to address the corruption charges. Everyone will have access to the CMO".

So, let us not make any false allegations regarding Jagan's promises about the pensions for senior citizens, as, since the beginning, Jagan kept on saying that the scheme would be starting with Rs.2000 and in the upcoming years, it would be increased up to Rs.3000 and he never promised that the scheme will be starting with Rs.3000. 

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  1. Bro... Actually he said...he will take pension TILL 3000,

    The word till is more important as he gradually increase pension 250/month so that it will reach 3000 as he promised.

    Might be tactical point from Jagan. This is my observation bro 😎