What happened to the missing IAF aircraft AN-32 that was carrying 13 people?

While we were busy with Dhoni’s keeping glove, Cricket World Cup and Yuvraj Singh's retirement, families of the 13 men who went missing in IAF's aircraft AN-32 are disappointed over no progress in the search.

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Image Credits- India Today
The Indian Air Force (IAF) on last Saturday, had announced a reward of Rs 5 lakh for the information on the missing aircraft AN-32. An intensive search operation was launched by the Indian Air Force, along with the Indian Navy and the Indian Space Search Organisation (ISRO) to find the missing plane. 

“Air Marshal RD Mathur, AOC-in-C, Eastern Air Command, has announced a cash award of Rs 5 lakhs for the person or group who provide credible information leading to the finding of the missing AN-32 transport aircraft,” Defence PRO, Wing Commander Ratnakar Singh said.

The Antonov-32 aircraft has now been missing for 8 days and the forces have been unsuccessful in locating it even after constant attempts.

“We are just waiting for some positive news. We hope to see our Bravehearts come back home. The government and the ground troops need to be more efficient and realise how important this search operation is,” brother of Flt Lt Mohit Kumar Garg, one of the pilots on board told The Logical Indian. 

The Logical Indian spoke to the brother-in-law of Flt Lt Ashish Tanwar, one of the pilots who were on board. “It has been 8 days and the plane hasn’t been traced. With 13 people on board, the aircraft has been missing for 8 days and we see no help from the government or the Prime Minister. No one has tried to talk to the China Government and find out if the plane had entered their territory.”

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“The nation is busy discussing Dhoni’s gloves and other issues but not this. What is the nation’s priority? Why is no one talking about this? Why was Abhinandan’s issue highlighted so much?” he further said.

Sandhya Tanwar, wife of Flt Lt Ashish Tanwar was on duty at the IAF’s Air Traffic Control (ATC) in Jorhat, as her husband Ashish Tanwar piloted AN-32 aircraft that took off from the airbase Mechuka in Arunachal Pradesh on Monday.

Image Credits: The Logical Indian
Barely half an hour later, the plane could not be detected by the radar and Sandhya was one of the first to know about the disappearance of the IAF transport aircraft that had 12 others on board.

Air Chief Marshal BS Dhanoa analysed the entire search operation at a high-level meeting in Assam’s Jorhat air base.

“Air Chief Marshal Dhanoa was given a detailed briefing about the operations and was apprised with the inputs received so far. He interacted with families of the officers and airmen who were on board the aircraft,” an IAF spokesperson said.

The IAF has been regularly been in touch with the families of all air warriors on the aircraft regarding the rescue operation.

The IAF in a statement said "Resources from various agencies including ISRO were brought into the operation to enhance its effectiveness. The area of search is mountainous and heavily forested with thick undergrowth".

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