545 people in Telangana missing since last 45 days! Is it True or just a rumour?

545 people missing in Telangana: "The disappearance of two years of infants to 80-year-olds has been a major concern in recent times. The age group of 18 to 40 years old people is high. The 3 girls who were raped and murdered in the Hajipur incident has been a cause for concern," was the article posted by Eenadu Newspaper on the front page.

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People in the state capital of Hyderabad are missing. There are many people missing including the Hajipur episode. What's worrying the most is most of them are young girls. According to the magazine today, the average number of people disappearing in the state is up to 60 people per day. At the end of this month, 545 people were missing. 

While these are only the officially lodged cases in the police stations, people are wondering about what will be the count of those cases that are not even filed a complaint. More than half of these are from the capital of Telangana. Now the question is, why are they missing? This has been a concern not only to the family members but also to the Police Department.

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Why is it actually happening?

Missing cases are frequently recorded during the time of examination results. The children who go missing with this reason will be back to the home most of the times except 1 or 2 cases. Love affairs are another reason. Most of the missing cases are similar. There are a lot of events in which the couple elope in order to stay together. Coming to the middle-aged people, they go unnoticed if they are in debts or due to other financial reasons. The number of elderly people who leave home is also increasing, with the reason that their children don't take care of them properly. Kidnapers are mostly targeting girls and younger women.

Here are a few statistics about missing cases in Telangana state.

What is the Police Department doing?

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A police release, said all possible efforts have been made by the police with the help of family members in tracking and tracing the missing people.

There is a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) to be followed by all the Investigation Officers for effective tracking and tracing of the missing persons and it is not correct to say that police have been neglecting the cases of investigation of missing persons, it said.

However, Commissioner of Hyderabad Police, Mr Anjani Kumar, IPS on Thursday through a tweet said that these are all rumours and aren't true. He also added, there would be legal actions taken against those who would spread these kinds of rumours. Below is the Tweet.

However, parents should generally pay special attention to their children. They should be aware of, with whom their children are making friendships, where they are going, when they are coming back from college etc. Parents should not be negligent about their children in order to avoid these kinds of incidents.

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