215-feet Largest Cutout for Tamil star hero Suriya for upcoming movie NGK

Pic Credits: Fukkard

While we have seen many cinema makers erecting huge sets for the great outcome of their movie and to give a better visual for the fans, the fans of South Indian movies, instead erect the biggest cut-outs of their favourite heroes to show their love and respect for their beloved star. It is seen as a unique way of celebrating the movie release and is one of the major traditions that make South Indian movie releases stand apart from the rest in the country. Every big star’s movie release is celebrated as a festival by erecting largest cutouts. And every time, the size of the imitation goes bigger like the one that the fans are doing of hero Suriya now. 

The fans of Suriya from Tamilnadu erected a 215-foot cut-out of the hero at a theatre in Thiruttani spending about 6.5 lakhs solely on the hoarding. That is actually something crazy that only they could think of doing. 

The proceedings to erect the largest cut out were started with a pooja on 16th May 2019. And since it was started, the movie lovers on twitter started trending with #NGKINDIAsLargestCutout and here are few of those tweets that trended.

It’s not just the Tamilians but also the Keralites who are excited about Suriya’s new film.

The actor who is very much determined to give a hit this time after a row of five flops is coming with NGK (Nandha Gopalan Kumaran) that revolves around a political story. The film is getting ready to hit screens on 31st May on a grand release. While the makers were busy setting up the screening, the fans were busy preparing the theatres for the release in a proper mass manner that every fan would enjoy watching.  Let’s see if all of this craze turns worth with the result of the film.

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